Portfolio 3

Egg Planet EGG PLANET – EggPlanetBand.com
Colorado Funk Band
Type: Informational and soon to be Transactional
This website was built to help promote the band Egg Planet and currently has gigs, information about the CD’s and the band members.
The Gold Hunter THE GOLD HUNTER – TheGoldHunter.biz
Denver Jewelry Buyers
Type: Informational
This is a very simple site with few pages. However it has been fully optimized and has seen great results in the search engines. Getting onto the first page of Google within two weeks of being launched.
Evergreen School of Music
EVERGREEN SCHOOL OF MUSIC – EvergreenSchoolOfMusic.com
Music Lessons in Evergreen
Type: Informational
This site was updated with a new modern look and transitioned to a WordPress CMS site in 2009.
John Wakefield Evergreen Photographer
Conifer Evergreen Photographer
Type: Informational
Built on WordPress and showcases the work of Evergreen Photographer, John Wakefield.