Website design comes in a variety of styles and formats and the final look, architecture and features will depend on your own style and taste and what you want from your website. The first part to any design process is to find out what are your business goals for your site. How much you want or can be be involved in the future upkeep and how your would like your design to look.

Types Of Websites

There are basically 4 different type of website; by determining what is best for you it will help you plan your site.

  1. Transactional: – The type of site that most retailers will need to sell goods on the net. The company may or may not have a brick and mortar store. Examples of these sites are online stores like Barnes & Noble, Zappos or Office Depot.
  2. Promotional: – Promotional websites work well for niche businesses that offer a unique or hard to find item or service. You would expect to attract customers from all over the world. Example of these sites are travel sites or boutique hotel websites.
  3. Informational: – This is one of the best uses for a website; it gives the user information about your company, employees and services to inform potential customer who hear about you in the offline world. This type of site can be extensive or just contain basic information.
  4. Relational: – A website to help you build a closer relationship with your current customers. You can post special offers, detailed information about your area of expertise and use this kind of site to inform your clients via blogging, photo albums, white papers and video.

You can of course have a combination of any of these types of sites. Having clear goals for why you want a website can help you determine what your site will look like.

The Process

  1. Requirements Analysis: – We will work together to determine the type of site that is best for your business and the goals of the site from the perspective of both the end user and the business. We will also evaluate the existing website and perform some competitive analysis to see what other businesses in your field are doing.
  2. Conceptual Design: – We will then sketch out a design for your approval and layout basic navigation and identify key pages.
  3. Production: – After you have approved your design we then go into production of the site. At this stage we would need content and final graphics that will be included in your site design.
  4. Keyword Research: – We will look into basic keyword research for your site and pull togther the optimization for the pages on the site to be included in the build out process.
  5. Testing: – Once the site is built we will then go though a testing and editing process to ensure that everything is ready for public viewing.
  6. Launch & Maintenance: – Once all the testing is complete we will then launch the website. Over the first month or so we will refine the site after user feedback.