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Flex Hours

Do you find yourself needing some help with your current site? Maybe you need some updates but just don’t have the time or forgot how to make the changes. This is where our FLEX HOURS packages are helpful. The hours never expire and you can use them to send in website updates. Use your Flex Hours to make website edits, tweak or simply use for maintenance.

Turn around time is up to 5 business days but could be faster depending on how busy the team is at any given time and the extent of the update. Updates can include coding, website updates, adding plugins and other website fixes edits or enhancements.

Pricing Options

Price for Flex Hours is charged at $250 per hour. Discounts are available for packs of 5 or 10 hours.

5 hours – 5% discount $1,125
10 hours – 10% discount $2,250

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Liz’s expertise in marketing has made the difference in our properties simply surviving and actually thriving.” 
Ed, Investor – Vacation Rentals

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