FreeU – Website Marketing Classes for August

If you are looking to learn more about internet marketing and how to make your website search engine friendly then these upcoming marketing online classes in August will give you a lot of information that you can then use on your own website.  To sign up for a class just click on the class link […]

The Google +1 button

I have been getting a few questions about the +1 button people are seeing in the Google search results, both in the ads sections and the organic sections.  Here is a letter from Google that explains it in good detail for the adwords clients. If you would like us to add the +1 button to […]

CFU Classes for Jan – May 2011

Come along to a CFU class to enhance your skills or get a better understanding of your WordPress website.  We offer a number of classes on how to get your website into the search engines, blogging and Google Tools.  The classes are as follows – sign up on the CFU website by clicking on the […]

How well does Social Media work for a B2B business?

I teach a number of classes and in every class I get asked how important is it to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I advise students that they first need to work on organic search for their website – make sure that their website looks professional and then work on expanding into the social […]

Find Keywords as You Blog

Need help finding keywords to add to your blog posts? Here is a great blogging tool from Wordtracker.  You can compare words while you are editing your posts, see how many times you have used a keyword and do a little research without having to forget your train of thought.  It is quick an easy […]

CFU Classes for 2010

All our classes are structured toward the complete beginner so if you don’t know anything about these topics this is a great place to start.  Even if you have some knowledge things are always changing so there is always something new to learn. Here is a list of our upcoming CFU classes for 2010 – […]

Effectiveness of Local Search 2008 vs 2009

A new chart out today by Marketing Sherpa shows that 39% of businesses find local search highly effective, while another 34% find it somewhat effective, so 73% of businesses are pretty much reporting that Local Search is working for them.  (Click images for larger view.) For those that are not really aware of what Local […]

Optimizing Video for YouTube

Optimization your online video is just as important as optimizing your home page and interior pages on your website.  Recently comScore reported in their September 2009 U.S. Search Engine Rankings report, that YouTube is the second-largest search engine, higher than Yahoo or Bing accounting for 3466 mm searches in  September 2009, so creating online videos […]