A Good PPC Campaign Focuses on Goals, Data and Delivery

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC or Paid Advertisement is an advertising strategy that directs traffic to your website when someone clicks on a link from your ad. Each click costs money and that can be from just a few cents for a not too popular keyword to a very high amount for the more competitive keywords. PPC is a great way for properties to compete with the OTA’s (online travel agents) by listing their properties alongside their ads in the search engines

Set up fees start at $500 and monthly management fees for the account start at $500 per account.

Common Questions

Do I still need PPC if I rank well in Organic?

There maybe keywords that you are not ranking for very well in Organic Search and PPC can help bring in traffic while your site is getting better ranking. PPC is also useful to maximize your listings on the search results pages, for example if you rank on the page in the paid ad’s area for ‘Hotel in New Orleans’ and you are listed in Local Search and also in the Organic listings further down the page you have great exposure and better brand recognition.

Will my Ad be at the Top of Google Pages all the time?

No, and for the most part that would not be a good strategy, the Google AdWords network takes into account a lot of different factors while deciding where to place your ad. The position will depend on a lot of different things such as volume of clicks you get, your website landing page relevancy and quality score as an example.

What Kind of Budget Will You Need?

We suggest you look at a budget of a minimum of $1,000 per month to get started in PPC advertising per platform.

Note that we charge a set up fee that is dependent on your monthly budget. We maybe able to wave the set up fee if you already have PPC campaigns running and only minimal changes need to be made. There may also be additional charges for creation of display ads.


It is important to understand how your ads are doing. A good PPC report will give you an overview of your cost per conversion, campaign performance, and will give you insight into the campaigns to see where they align with your business objectives.

We understand that there can be a lot of data to sort through, we create a simple to read and easy to understand report each month for you and also give you a report on what we adjusted on the accounts and where we may have made changes.

It is important to look at your results on a regular basis so you are not bidding on keywords that are too expensive, or simply do not apply to your business.

Resources for Growing Your Business Online

“We were bidding on the wrong keywords and paying a high price for them, we just were not getting the business we should have been getting. Liz and her team reviewed our strategy, now we pay less and get more leads.” Dr. Anton, Guatemala