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How to Add Links Under Your SERP Listing

The links we are talking about are the ones that appear in the search results under the meta description and will take you to internal site pages. They can be displayed in various ways in the search results (SERPs) depending on the search you do. For example, searching for a keyword might show something different than searching for a specific business name.

Why are they important?

Having additional links displayed under your meta description in Google search results can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Increased visibility: Additional links provide more visibility for your website. When users see additional links in the search results, they may perceive your website as more authoritative and relevant, leading to higher click-through rates and increased organic traffic.

  2. Enhanced user experience: The additional links can help users navigate directly to specific pages within your website that are relevant to their search query. This saves them time and effort in finding the desired information, resulting in a better user experience.

  3. Improved website engagement: By directing users to specific pages through additional links, you can guide them to relevant content, products, or services. This can increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and potentially lead to conversions, such as purchases or form submissions.

  4. Brand credibility and trust: The presence of additional links in search results can enhance your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. When users see that Google is highlighting multiple pages from your website, it suggests that your site is comprehensive, informative, and relevant to their needs.

  5. Competitive advantage: If your website stands out with additional links, it can differentiate you from competitors in the search results. Users are more likely to click on search results that provide multiple relevant links, potentially bypassing other competing websites.

  6. Improved SEO performance: The presence of additional links can positively impact your overall SEO efforts. It indicates to search engines that your website has comprehensive and interconnected content, which can contribute to better rankings and visibility in search results.

Graphic to show links in the SERPS

Enhancing your Website to Show the Links

  1. Create a well-structured website: Ensure your website has a clear and organized structure, a logical page hierarchy, and a consistent navigation system. This helps search engines understand the relationships between different pages.

  2. Internal linking: Implement links throughout your website to create strong connections between pages. When creating content, try to naturally link to relevant pages within your website. This helps search engines discover and understand the depth and breadth of your content.

  3. Use descriptive anchor text: When adding internal links, use descriptive and relevant anchor text that accurately reflects the target page’s content. This helps search engines determine the context and relevance of the linked page.

    • Instead of Click Here to view our rooms when linking to an internal page, use a keyword phrase like View Our New York bed and breakfast rooms.

  4. Optimize your website’s crawlability: Ensure search engine crawlers can easily access and navigate your website. Use a sitemap.xml file and submit it to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to help search engines understand the structure of your site and discover all your important pages.

  5. Improve page authority: Increase the authority of your website’s pages by acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites. This can be achieved through content promotion, guest blogging, influencer outreach, and other link-building strategies. Pages with higher authority are likelier to have additional links in search results.

  6. Write compelling meta descriptions: Craft enticing and concise meta descriptions for your pages. Although meta descriptions don’t directly impact the appearance of additional links, they can influence the click-through rate (CTR) from search results. A higher CTR may indirectly improve your pages’ visibility and relevance signals, increasing the chances of Google displaying additional links.

  7. Monitor search results and make improvements: Regularly review your website’s search results to assess how Google displays your pages. If you notice any opportunities for improvement or inconsistencies, adjust your internal linking, page structure, or content strategy accordingly.

It’s important to note that Google’s algorithm determines when and if to display additional links; not all search results will have them. By implementing these best practices, you can optimize your website’s structure and visibility, increasing the likelihood of having additional links displayed under your meta description in Google search results.