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Before we work with you we want to make sure we are a right fit.

Here are some characteristics of our clients;

  • They are passionate about their business and they want to grow because they; want to make more revenue, want to sell or just need some help and guidance.
  • They prefer to work with seasoned professionals that know their industry and are looking for a company that becomes an integral part of the team. We are too old for one night stands.
  • They have a clear budget in mind for investing in their website and monthly marketing.
  • They are looking for a long term partner that can help keep them up to speed on changes in the industry, like ADA (American Disabilities Act), and GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements
  • They have a dedicated person that is our goto team mate, either a Manager, Owner or Investor.


If this is YOU then we would love to hear from you and take the next steps toward helping you with your online strategy.

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