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Who Is Maia Consulting?

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Liz Hamilton

Liz Hamilton : CFO/founder

Hi there, I am Liz Hamilton.

All too often small business owners underestimate the role of family in their own success. Both my parents had their own small businesses. My Mum a bakery and tea shop and my Dad a camera repair business. I think that is where I got my desire to build my own business. It also gave me a great understanding of exactly what it takes to make your own business work and how many different hats you need to wear. 

Maia Internet Consulting started back in the ‘olden’ days, before Facebook, before Google, before high speed internet. I cut my marketing teeth on BedandBreakfast.com an online digital directory that listed bed and breakfasts in the US and around the world. Years later it was sold to Expedia and has become just part of their offerings. At the time though it was pretty cutting edge and helped a lot of innkeepers find guests that wanted a different experience than a hotel. 

Fast forward to 2001. After the dot com boom and crash I started Maia Internet Consulting. I had seen enough websites during my time at BedandBreakfast.com that were just so poorly built they never ranked in the search engines. I went from marketing into development and started to learn everything I could about WordPress. 

Today, Maia Internet Consulting is a full-service digital agency offering website design, maintenance plans, digital marketing, business consulting, and social media strategy to a select group of business.

“I love working with independent business owners to help them make their dreams come true.”

Our other team members include a copywriter, developers, ppc and marketing experts, and office assistants. We are small team of people that love what we do.

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Where did the name "Maia" come from?

Maia was a Greek Nymph and the Mother of Hermes. She was the eldest of the seven mountain nymphs known as the Pleiades and is associated with the month of May, springtime, and new birth. In ancient Roman myth, she embodied the concept of growth.

So how does that all tie together?

I am the oldest of 6 kids and have lived in the mountains of Colorado for the last 30+ years, although I am originally from the UK. I am a springtime baby myself (March) and so the name resonated with me in regards to both my life and what we offer at Maia Consulting.

The butterfly logo represents helping our clients come out of a concept stage  (the chrysalis) into a new thriving business (the butterfly.)