Meet Our Team


Liz Hamilton

Liz Hamilton : owner/founder

Liz Hamilton’s involvement in the web industry goes back to 1997 as one of the first employees of Over the years she has been an independent contractor to a number of companies and served as Design Project Manager at Blizzard Internet Marketing, and more recently spent 6-years as the Director of Design at White Stone Marketing.

Her company, Maia Consulting works with the team at bnbfinder and offers website maintenance, website design, marketing and social media strategy to a select group of small business.

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Leigh Hetherington : marketing assistant

Leigh comes to Maia Internet Consulting with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado. She has a diverse background with social media, copywriting, and email marketing. She enjoys hiking in the mountains of Colorado and is a bit of a craft beer aficionado.  

Dave Villar

Dave Villar : web developer

WordPress developer and security specialist. Dave brings a vast wealth of WordPress and development experience to the team. He loves to spend time with his family, watching movies, and reading investment and personal growth books. 

Robby Hamoud : paid marketing specialist

Robby brings years of experience as a paid strategy and digital marketing professional. He is proficient in developing digital strategy, creating campaigns, keyword and audience research & implementation, campaign optimization, goal and conversion tracking, communicating with clients, analyzing marketing data, and performance reporting.