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Creating Multiple Widget Enabled Sidebars in WordPress

A recent question from Fairminder on the Tweetworks – All Things WordPress group said; “Looking for WordPress sidebar widget that will allow unique content in sidebar on each page. Don’t want same content in every sidebar.” –  inspired me to put together a short tutorial on how to create multiple sidebars in your WordPress blog.  While I don’t suggest that my writing skills will win me any awards I quickly put together this pdf to help people that have a little bit of knowledge of how templates work in WordPress to help show how to add multiple widget enabled sidebars to a blog.

Creating Multiple Sidebars In WordPress (pdf)

I have used multiple sidebars on a few sites and they work really well to display different content on different pages.

A couple of example are on the following sites:


Just let me know if you run into problems, or leave a comment if you have found an easier way.