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Domain Registry of America – solicitations

There are a number of clients I work with where I manage renewals of their domain name.

Recently a letter was send from Domain Registry of America informing a client that their domain name was going to expire, they passed the letter onto me so I could take care of it for them.  This domain was registered through GoDaddy.com and does not expire until October.  The letter asked that a reply and renewal be sent by June 28th.

I just want to warn people that letters like this are a way to have you transfer your domain name to another company.   If you read the small print it will tell you that this is to TRANSFER and renew your domain.  Please don’t fall for these unless you really want to switch your domain registration to another company – the cost for one year renewal with Domain Registry of America is $30.00+ your domain renewal through GoDaddy will be around $15 to $20 for the year.

If you are not sure where your domain is hosted, or are confused by a letter you can go to https://whois.domaintools.com and enter in your domain name.  The results will give you the registrar for the domain along with the renewal date.  You can then make an informed decision as to if you need to renew or change registry companies.