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Email Marketing – building your email list

Email marketing is a great way to get information to your clients without spending a lot of money to get the message out. It takes some time to write a good e-newsletter but it is a lot less expensive than purchasing postcards and mailing them to clients. If you have a good list of email addresses then sending out an e-newsletter is a great idea.

If your email list is lacking in names then here are some ideas you can add to your site to build out your email address list.

  1. Add a “Sign up for our Newsletter” box to your sidebar or home page.
  2. Create a white paper (informational document) and ask for an email address and name before the user gets to a page to download the link
  3. If you have a office location, collect email addresses on a sign up form at the office or when people register for your service.
  4. Add a box for email address to contracts.
  5. Collect business cards and ask if it is OK to add the email to your e-news mail list, tell them the reason why it would be a benefit to them.
  6. Add a “Forward This Email” to your newsletter to get your message out to a wider audience.  I have signed up for a number of newsletters after someone has forwarded one to me with information that I find useful and interesting.
  7. Add past clients to your list, maybe you can reconnect with them for future purchases.
  8. Archive newsletters on your website so they come up in the Search Engines and help attract more readers.
  9. Include an opt in message on your shopping cart, so when people purchase a product they can opt into getting your email.
  10. Add a “Sign Up for Our Newsletter” to your signature files on your emails that you send out.  The link should send the reader directly to the sign up box so they do not have to search your site to sign up.

Taking a few steps to build your list will result in a long list of emails, but remember to always give your newsletter members an easy option to opt out if they don’t want to get your newsletter anymore.  There is nothing more annoying that will get your clients to never do business with you again if they cannot opt out.

Let us know if you have any other ideas to build your list that have worked for you, in these economic times it is always nice to have ways to reach clients that does not cost a lot of money.