What Blogs can deliver

Moss Green Children's Book

If you think that Blogs seem like old hat nowadays the you need to reconcider your thinking.  The masses of people that started out blogging a few years ago have died off and are nowhere to be found.  Does that mean that they are now a thing of the past, taken over by the 144 characture Twitter chatter,  or should you still concider a blog?

There are a number of reasons that a blog is still a valid addition to your site and it is never too late to start blogging.  Some of the ways you can use a blog on your site:

  1. To market yourself as an expert in your field.  Write posts about the things you know and pass that knowledge along to your site visitor.  When they are in need of a service they will remember that you are the expert knowledge source and are more likely to come back and hire you in the future.
  2. Use it to add content to your website.  You current site might have been built some time ago, and you do not have the ability to update it without having to pay someone to make the changes.  Adding a blog to your site will allow you to make frequent updates, something the search engines always like to see, while being in control of when those updates area made and when they are added to your site.
  3. Become a destination for your industry.  Post articles and information.  When the press come looking for a quote from an expert you are likely to be chosen.
  4. Use the blog for Press Releases and timely information about new products coming down the line or events that are happening.

To be successful you should always be genuine, make regular updates to your blog, stay focused on what your blog is about and try not to bite back if you get feedback that is not too flattering for your company.  Use it as a tool to manage your reputation and show your customers that you care.

Moss Green Childrens Books Online is a great example of how blogging on a regular basis can help raise your site up in the search engines.  Each post is another opportunity to bring more traffic to your website.