facebbok Feed Readers for your WordPress website - 8 plugins for Feeds

RSS Feedreader and Manager Plugins for your WordPress site.

There are lots of options out there in regards to adding a feed reader to your WordPress website.  Depending on how you want to track and what feed readers you want to offer to uses at the click of a button will depend on which subscribe plugin you use.  If you are using onsite video I would also check out the Tentblogger Viemo Youtube rss embed plugin listed below.

  1. AddtoAny:  Subscribe Button
  2. Category Specific RSS feed – This WordPress Plugin allows you to present a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription option to your site’s visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option.
  3. FeedStats:  Allows you to get stats on about your RSS readers.
  4. Feedage Tracker Plugin:  allows you to add buttons to the site and tracks the readers on the major feedreader sites.
  5. Feed Subscriber Stats:   Allows you to see the number of subscribers according to FeedBurner/Google.

Tracking Subscribers.

Feedburner.com –  Now owned by Google it is a service that will track sign ups.  It also keep a track of the email addresses for the people that are subscribed to your feed.  If you are new to Feedburner then use the new Beta version it can give you a lot more information.