Recent Worm on Twitter

There have been recent reports of worms doing the rounds.  The lastest on is on Twitter. From Ben Parr on the Website “We have received multiple reports that a new, convincing, and dangerous worm and phishing scam is making the rounds on Twitter. Hacked accounts are sending DMs to users and stealing their login […]

CFU Classes for September

If you have wanted to get a little more informaiton on what Local Search or Pay Per Click is all about then sign up for a class as CFU.  Upcoming classes include 1.  A Crash Course in Local Search: Don’t Let Your Business Be Left Behind ( 2.  Grow Your Business on Google with Pay-Per-Click  […]

Creating Multiple Widget Enabled Sidebars in WordPress

A recent question from Fairminder on the Tweetworks – All Things WordPress group said; “Looking for WordPress sidebar widget that will allow unique content in sidebar on each page. Don’t want same content in every sidebar.” –  inspired me to put together a short tutorial on how to create multiple sidebars in your WordPress blog.  […]

Local Search top ranking factors

Today David Mihm posted the results from his research into Local Search with many of the experts in the field. The report “Local Search Ranking Factors” points many factors that can help your cause in the Local Search area.  The report also highlights negative factors that can affect your listing. The top three factors General […]

Email Marketing – building your email list

Email marketing is a great way to get information to your clients without spending a lot of money to get the message out. It takes some time to write a good e-newsletter but it is a lot less expensive than purchasing postcards and mailing them to clients. If you have a good list of email […]

Seth Godin on It’s Broken!

This is a great short video on things that are broken. Once you watch it you will start to be aware of all the broken things in the world.

Great Networking event in Evergreen

Make-It-Fly® NW Denver & Foothills will hold its’ first Mini-Café May 27th 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Tuscany Tavern and Restaurant 32214 Ellingwood Trail Evergreen, CO 80439 (located off Evergreen Parkway at Squaw Pass) Pre-register online and pay $10.00 or pay at the door $15.00 To pay online: visit Cash Bar Door […]

What Blogs can deliver

If you think that Blogs seem like old hat nowadays the you need to reconcider your thinking.  The masses of people that started out blogging a few years ago have died off and are nowhere to be found.  Does that mean that they are now a thing of the past, taken over by the 144 […]