Need help finding keywords to add to your blog posts?

Here is a great blogging tool from Wordtracker.  You can compare words while you are editing your posts, see how many times you have used a keyword and do a little research without having to forget your train of thought.  It is quick an easy to add it to your Firefox browser.

Download it now – it’s completely free.

This recently came across my email and I know that many clients are looking for information on how to customize Google Analytics and track and set goals.

Here is the recent email sent from Google Analytics

Analytics Intelligence with Custom Alerts
Using an algorithmic driven Intelligence engine, Analytics Intelligence monitors data patterns over daily, weekly and monthly periods. Significant changes in data trends and insights you may not have noticed are surfaced directly in your account. You can also create your own Custom Alerts that monitor your selection of dimensions and metrics that can be sent by email or displayed in the Intelligence reports. Read more

Print out or view online the information for the Unjob Fair presentation on May 1st, 2010 at Colorado Free University.

Print Local Listings Seminar (pdf)

All our classes are structured toward the complete beginner so if you don’t know anything about these topics this is a great place to start.  Even if you have some knowledge things are always changing so there is always something new to learn.

Here is a list of our upcoming CFU classes for 2010 – check with CFU to see that they are still going on and please register ahead of time as we have both a max limit of 10 and min attendance of 2 for the classes to run.

A Crash Course in Local Search
Understand why Local Search is different from General Search.  Figure out where to list your business and come away with lots of other directories to get listed beyond Google.
Read more

A new chart out today by Marketing Sherpa shows that 39% of businesses find local search highly effective, while another 34% find it somewhat effective, so 73% of businesses are pretty much reporting that Local Search is working for them.  (Click images for larger view.)

For those that are not really aware of what Local Search is here is a quick look:

  • Local Search is any search made with the goal of finding something within a geographic location.  This is known as searching with local intent.
  • Local Search is searching for something (what) in some place (where).
  • Local Expert, Greg Sterling, defines Local Search as seeking information online with the intention of making a transaction off line.
  • Essentially, anything that you would traditionally look for in the print Yellow Pages becomes a Local Search which it is conducted offline.

Local Search in Google shows up in the map when you search for something in an area.

Other search engines have a similar results and need to be submitted individually.  If you are on Google Local Search you will still need to make sure you are on Bing and Yahoo.

The client in the example above, Swim Otters, had claimed her listing on Google Local but was still not showing up in the results for Swim Lessons Westminster, CO.  We worked on her listing to help her come up for various swimming searches in her area and removed duplicate entries for data integrity.  Simply claiming your listing does not mean you will show in the results.  Working with a search professional can make a difference.

Learn about Local Search in an upcoming class I am presenting at Colorado Free University on April 10th, 2009 from 9am – noon.    Cost is $57 for non-members of CFU and $45 for members with a $10 materials fee.

Click on the following link to sign up:  Local Search Class

I recently had the pleasure to present to the Denver Entrepreneurs Meetup group at the Englewood Library.  Thank you to every who attended.  Here is a copy of the slide presentation.

Optimization your online video is just as important as optimizing your home page and interior pages on your website.  Recently comScore reported in their September 2009 U.S. Search Engine Rankings report, that YouTube is the second-largest search engine, higher than Yahoo or Bing accounting for 3466 mm searches in  September 2009, so creating online videos and having them available on YouTube should be part of your online marketing strategy.

I get asked a number of times about adding video to a site, many clients want to stream directly on their own site.  This is possible with WordPress and can look really nice and will increase the ‘stickiness’ of your site, keeping people engaged longer.  However, to gain any kind of recognition for your video in the search engines they should be on YouTube. Read more

mif-cafe_purThese upcoming events are a great way to meet people and learn something at the same time.
Wednesday, October 14, 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.
Perkins Restaurant, 1459 Simms Street, Golden 80401

Sales Expert Marty Wolff of the Posidyne Group will speak on the topic of “Selling for the Non-Sales Person”. Support Perkins Restaurant by purchasing coffee and or breakfast before coming into the meeting.
$5.00 advance online registration or $7.00 cash or check only at the door RSVP required.
Contact:  Sharon Gibson- or (720) 514-0623
Wednesday, October 21, 8:00 am to 9:00 am.
The Egg and I, 8025 Sheridan Blvd., Arvada 80003 Read more

Grow Your Business on Google with Pay-Per-Click

Join me for a class on beginner Pay Per Click.

Small businesses can’t afford to wait for folks to wind their way to the website. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can bring customers to your site immediately. An effective campaign can cost as little as $25 per month. Learn what it takes to have a successful PPC campaign and how to measure success. Learn how to find the right keywords, how to set up your tracking code, and get step-by-step instructions to create your ad. Leave class with practical knowledge to use Pay-per-click and a list of free keyword research tools that will help you get you started with your local and regional targeting campaigns.

Price: $57 Non-Member $45 Member $10 materials fee payable in class

Class # Class Dates Area of town
3222D One Sat., 2-5 p.m. 10/31 EAST DENVER: Near 1st & Quebec
3222E One Sun., 2-5 p.m. 11/22 EAST DENVER: Near 1st & Quebec
3222F One Sat., 2-5 p.m. 12/19 EAST DENVER: Near 1st & Quebec

To sign up go to Colorado Free University and click on Find a Class and enter the class number in the search.

A Crash Course in Local Search: Don’t Let Your Business Be Left Behind

Join me for a class on Local Search at Colorado Free University.  Pick one of the dates listed below that will work for you, the class is 3 hours and covers a bunch of material for you to go home and start working on your site promotion.  The class is held once a month.

Class Description: Business owners know the value of getting to the top in Internet searches, but many don’t understand the ins and outs of local search. Over thirty percent of all searches are made with local intent and the reality is that most businesses really only need to reach potential customers in a defined geographic area. The local search ecosystem has become a bustling place bringing more visitors to the small business website than ever before. Every business should understand how it works. Learn about local search directories and which will work for your business. Figure out where to list your business and what information you need for an effective listing.

Price: $57 Non-Member $45 Member $10 materials fee payable in class

Class # Class Dates Area of town

3221D One Sat., 9 a.m.-noon 10/31 EAST DENVER: Near 1st & Quebec
3221E One Sun., 9 a.m.-noon 11/22 EAST DENVER: Near 1st & Quebec
3221F One Sat., 9 a.m.-noon 12/19 EAST DENVER: Near 1st & Quebec

To sign up go to Colorado Free University and click on Find a Class and enter the class number in the search.